Green Tara Consulting

Group/Team Facilitation

Facilitation of groups and teams working face-to-face, telephone or virtually

As a facilitation professional I often work with groups who have struggled with having effective meetings. There is nothing more frustrating, demotivating and unproductive than having a meeting with no clear outcomes or actions agreed. I work at the group dynamic level helping to overcome obstacles and previous issues in order to move forward in a productive and effective way. It is my goal to help the group to be able to manage themselves moving forward.

Harnessing the productivity of groups

Working in groups is an essential part of normal organisational life. However in a room or on a conference call where a number of voices are trying to be heard, useful discussion can be hindered. The result is a loss of focus and diminished productivity. My expert facilitation helps to get the team back on track.

Making sure everyone is on the same page

When tough decisions have to be made, a neutral voice can help bring the important issues into focus. That is why facilitation is a powerful way to maximise the performance of a team. I facilitate group brainstorming and problem solving sessions, challenging and supporting teams to make necessary decisions. This is done through managing time effectively, keeping people focused on results and dealing with, rather than avoiding, conflict.

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